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Export business saves over £60,000 using LinkedIn to find global distributors

Mark Deere is a successful entrepreneur and has run a number of highly successful businesses. He has also built himself a significant LinkedIn network of more than 13000 1st degree connections, which came in particularly useful when working with one of his clients.

"My client was looking to get into the export market but was short of cash and time so I suggested we try using my LinkedIn network and created a marketing message, which was then sent to all my connections in the sectors he wanted to reach."

Mark then explains the results he achieved "Within 48 hours we received replies from 31 companies in 14 countries all of whom were happy to come to the UK to discuss trading relationships. Within 2 weeks my client had appointed distributors and agents in the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China, Russia and India"

"We then did an analysis of what this would have cost him to fly to all these countries, find the people to have meetings with, the hotel bills, entertaining costs and lost working days - at a conservative estimate came up with a figure of around a £60,000 saving to his business. So thank you LinkedIn, and that folks is why I have over 13000 contacts worldwide!"

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