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Dentist brings in 100 new clients from Facebook Ads

In the past 8 months, using Facebook Paid Ads, Sandeep Kumar's 5 dental practices have acquired 100 new clients, each spending an average of £3500. Also, their average spend, per Ad campaign, was incredibly just £16 -£49 and this is why an increasing number of business owners are turning to Facebook Ads to attract new clients.

From his first dental practice in 2003, Sandeep Kumar has gone on to establish and own a further 5 'Smile Stylist' Practices in the West Midlands area, all hugely successful businesses, both in the Private and NHS sectors. He is also an advisor to the Heart of Birmingham Primary Care Trust (PCT) and runs one of the largest NHS practices within the PCT.

With 5 dental practices and such strong word of mouth recommendation, you'd be forgiven for assuming that Sandeep doesn't need to do much more to make his business a success. However, Sandeep is not one to rest on his laurels and he is continually looking for marketing opportunities that will deliver more clients to his business. Cue Facebook, the social media site that many business users would consider a site aimed at teenagers and mums, who want to keep an eye on their own kids. But this is precisely the market sector that Sandeep is keen to market to.

Here's what Sandeep has to say about why he uses Facebook Paid Ads to attract new clients to his business: "Facebook is a untapped audience, who are willing to communicate, it allows you to market directly to the targeted audience."

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