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'Expert coaching' on LinkedIn helps create strong network

Mark Ashton, owner of Top 1%-inspired business growth and transformation consultancy Resolve Gets Results, first met Steve in 2009, during the formative months of Linked2Success. 

Mark explains; "Since then Steve's expert coaching has made LinkedIn indispensable to how I market myself, find new prospects, nurture relationships and win business. I would be lost without it. I also use it to generate a steady pipeline of qualified prospects for two partner companies I work with, one of them in the United States. LinkedIn enables small companies like mine to find and cultivate business relationships that may be game changing, in my case internationally. As one example, I am fundraising for an exciting tech startup with huge global potential, which I met via LinkedIn. We may have found an American company keen to acquire them, with the scale and resources to exploit their full potential."  

Mark's proficiency in using LinkedIn, and the results he obtained from it grew to such an extent that he and Steve have since worked together on various projects and have become good friends. 

"In 2014, Steve inspired me to start blogging on LinkedIn. It has been an eventful journey. I've grown a following of well over 3,000 people on LinkedIn, many of whom read my blogs regularly and comment or share them. I've had thousands of people 'Like' my blogs, and the cumulative readership runs into six figures. What's more important, however, is that blogging is a live laboratory for me to test and refine my business ideas, and the best ways of communicating them. It has given me a much wider network of strong business contacts who love what I write, which is encouraging, and it has opened new business opportunities for me. Above all it is great fun. If you are in business-to-business sales, LinkedIn needs to be part of your daily toolkit and Steve will keep you at the top of your game - give him a call!"     

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