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Publishing on LinkedIn leads to better quality meetings

Diane manages the business marketing and communications for Phoenix Business Sales & Consulting, a firm which has a 100% success rate in guiding their clients, who own Health, Social Care and Education sector businesses, through the complex world of business expansion or sale and acquistion.

Building professional networks and raising the firm's brand profile are both important projects, managed by Diane and since Phoenix's training with Linked2Success, they have experienced excellent results by implementing a 'keep top of mind' approach to their use of LinkedIn, by creating and posting sector specific thought leadership articles. 

Diane explained that by creating blog articles, published on individual team members' LinkedIn Pulse News feeds, they are able to attract likes, comments and shares from some extremely useful LinkedIn connections. Importantly, by then engaging with those who respond to such posts, 100% of the time, this enables more in-depth conversations to develop, strengthening the firm's professional networks, which in turn leads to higher quality meetings. One LinkedIn article alone, attracted more than 1000 views, proving that if you create valuable content, which impacts positively on your LinkedIn network, then you can reach your ideal target audience and raise your brand profile, far quicker than traditional networking could ever achieve for you. 

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