Accountancy Firm Generates £250K of Proposed Business

Working closely with Jo and her business development team, the LinkedIn training provided by Linked2Success led to them creating a team strategy, which involved clearly identifying their target audience and a plan to engage with these contacts and importantly, a clear method of measuring the success of this LinkedIn initiative.

The result within 6 months is explained by Jo: "Although it’s difficult to put a precise monetary sum on how applying what you taught has impacted on my company, I am confident that it has potentially generated around £250k of business I would not have got had I not applied myself to using LinkedIn effectively."

Here, Jo explains how LinkedIn helped generate this result:

"It helps my business in a number of ways, particularly when attempting to secure business with potential clients who are wavering and need help in taking that next step. In such cases, I guide them to my LinkedIn profile and the section that shows the many testimonials satisfied clients have provided me with.

Sometimes clients have voiced a concern that I don’t necessarily have experience in their particular industry sector. I know that my experience as a chartered accountant and business developer allows me to help businesses from a broad spectrum of sectors, so when they see testimonials from varying types of clients from different industries, this reassures them that I am the right solution for their business.

Using LinkedIn Groups

‘The results I have obtained by joining ‘Groups’ has been something I’ve been quite surprised by. By joining relevant Groups, it has allowed me to access previously difficult to contact clients. In specific cases I have been able to contact prospects with very large property investment funds that I would have found it difficult to communicate with via traditional marketing routes. There seems to be a willingness to communicate and a trust factor involved when contacting people via LinkedIn that I don’t see when communicating from cold using other methods.

International business

I have also attracted international business through LinkedIn and just recently I received a contact from a company in New York, who had seen me communicating in a group we were both members of and they contacted me directly.’

Writing good content

I regularly write a personal blog, which I can easily link to my profile and I’ve been delighted with how many people read it and comment too. I also like the ability to be able to post articles and other documents, such as director’s guides, which people are downloading and I hope they find useful."

In summary

This case studies confirms that it's not about using one particular aspect of LinkedIn that will generate results, it's a combination of strategies that will make the difference.

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