LinkedIn directly responsible for landing one of this company's largest clients. 

Back in 2011 when Amir Ali, Vice Chairman of the Civil Court Users Association, attended a Linked2Success training workshop, it's fair to say that on the LinkedIn scepticism scale he was a 10. However, in 2010 he became a Director of the High Court Enforcement Group and needed to build a network of new business connections - he decided to use LinkedIn.

"One of the great things about LinkedIn has been that it's significantly improved the quality of the meetings I'm having" says Amir. "LinkedIn profiles provide such an excellent back story to those I'm meeting, as well as identifying areas we share in common - the result has been that I'm able to resonate with the client/prospect to a much higher degree and meeting outcomes are much more successful compared with when I wasn't using LinkedIn."

There was a specific LinkedIn win that Amir was particularly enthusiastic about - "There was one firm I definitely wanted to do business with and for some time I'd tried building relationships with those who worked there at a grass roots level, to no avail. Their MD was a onetime rival of mine. However, due to some significant changes in circumstances, internally at this firm, their MD needed my help and he chose LinkedIn as his preferred method of reaching out to me."

Amir went on to explain that this one time rival has now become one of the HCE Group's largest clients - "Their MD could have picked up the phone or emailed me, he didn't, he chose to use LinkedIn to check out my profile and contact me, I responded and we met soon after.

What this proved to me was that none of us can afford not to be on LinkedIn. Just because you don't use LinkedIn regularly doesn't mean to say that other professionals, who require your services, aren't doing so".

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